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   AshokIndia    Stainless Steel Household Containers    Small Series

Stainless Steel
Household Containers

Small Series

Stainless Steel Household Containers - Small Series
Approximate Average Weight & Size of Stainless Steel Small Containers
Square Container Series Technical Specification Unit Weight
(Approx./Average) Kgs.
Square Dimension Height

Series No. 1

3.5 x 3.5 (inch)
89 x 89 (mm)

5.25 (inch)
133 (mm)

Series No. 2

4 x 4 (inch)
102 x 102 (mm)

5.75 (inch)
146 (mm)

Series No. 3

4.5 x 4.5 (inch)
114 x 114 (mm)

6.25 (inch)
159 (mm)

Series No. 4

5 x 5 (inch)
127 x 127 (mm)

6.75 (inch)
171 (mm)

Series No. 5

5.5 x 5.5 (inch)
140 x 140 (mm)

7.25 (inch)
184 (mm)

Series No. 6

6 x 6 (inch)
152 x 152 (mm)

7.75 (inch)
197 (mm)
Unique Features ( Series No. 1 to No. 6 )

"Ashok" Stainless Steel Containers shall be leak proof.

"Ashok" Stainless Steel Containers shall contain Wire Beading on the mouth of the container to add strength and thereby the chances for breakages are reduce.

"Ashok" Stainless Steel Containers is equipped with unique 'SELF LOCKING MECHANISM' which ensure tight fitting of Lid. The entire series of "Ashok" Stainless Steel Container is made without hinges and handle. Hence the Lid may be open and separated easily.

Gift Packing

We have introduce a special Gift Packing Box which shall be made available at and extra cost within which Stainless Steel Containers of series No. 1 to No. 6 can be put. If you require master carton packing for the above 12 Gift Boxes we shall charge extra per master carton.

You will find the Gift Box very attractive which will be ideal Gift for all occasions.

Stainless Steel Household Containers - Small Series - Gift Packing
General Note

The wait of Container may vary on the basis of various thickness of sheet with tolerance of ± 5%. Generally in Small Containers ± 20 gms.

The technical specification shown in inches are for easy reference with quick understanding only.

In case of any manufacturing defect the Stainless Steel Container shall be return after duly rectified but shall not be replaced.

The technical dimension mentioned here in are for illustration only and it is subject to change without notice.

For Export: Quantity & Packing Details

Quantity is based on the size of 20 feet container i.e., 589 x 233.5 x 238 Cms. (Approx.)

385 Cartons

Each carton contains 6 set each in master carton. Total Sets: 4620      
Total Nos. 4620 x 6 = 27720 Nos. of Stainless Steel Containers
i.e., series of 1 to 6 equal quality.

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