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Kitchen Tips
  • While making ghee add betel leaves. They give a pleasant aroma as well as increase the shelf life.
  • If the jam has got solidified add a little hot water to the amount of jam you need and stir.
  • While making mango juice add little milk. The juice will not only be tastier but more nutritious.
  • Instant noodles when crushed and deep-fried, make an excellent topping for soups, salads, etc.
  • Warm cardamom pods very lightly, cool and deseed. These seeds will powder more easily.
  • Use ground sugar to make thick shakes etc. so that the sugar dissolves quickly and completely in the cold milk.
  • If pouring out colours etc. turn out to be a messy job, use a clean ink dropper for this purpose.
  • Rub brinjals with a little salted oil after slicing to avoid discoloration.
  • Keep a little powdered cashewnuts handy in a bottle to thicken gravies, milk, etc. in a hurry.
  • While cutting jackfruit apply little oil to the knife as well as your hands. It will cut easily and prevent your hands and the knife from getting sticky.
  • Chop green chillies, etc. either with a steel knife or steel scissors. Do not use iron knives since the paste will tend to turn blackish later on.
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